Limited 5-year warranty

SAI Solutions guarantees all its bedroom products to the original buyer for five years from the date of purchase, with no defects in the materials or manufacturing. This warranty applies only to household uses.
The warranty includes all components and accessories for SAI Solutions products. In case of a defect in the materials or manufacturing within five years of the purchase date of the original owner of a SAI Solutions product, the company will repair or replace the defective product with the same product or similar product and SAI Solutions own any defective parts removed during the repair process. If the product is no longer on sale at SAI Solutions, SAI Solutions will offer a suitable alternative. SAI Solutions will decide at its discretion the product that represents an appropriate alternative
If defects affecting the quality of the product’s functionality are repeated more than twice in a row during the warranty period, the company will replace the product with a new one while retaining the remaining warranty from the date of purchase of the original buyer of the product.
The guarantee includes the expenses of the inspection and transfer of a representative or repair technician sent by SAI Solutions, as well as the cost of transporting products for repair or replacement purposes from the customer’s headquarter to the factory where the service center is located.

This limited warranty does not apply to:

– Goods that were at any time used as samples or display models
– Purchase of used goods, or goods which the buyer has agreed to buy ignoring some of the defects at the time of purchase, or warned of their future appearance.
– Goods purchased in the sale of liquidation works or auctions
– Any product that has been modified by the merchant, consumer or others
– Dissatisfaction due to buyer’s remorse
– Damage caused by assembly or maintenance if done by the customer
– Damage resulting from accidents or ill-treatment
– This warranty does not cover leather or velvet of all kinds due to their nature
– The certificate of guarantee is suspended in the case of the certificate write-off
– Warranty does not include damages caused by the use of treatments, chemical detergents or protective paints on furniture, excess moisture or storage outside the home
– The warranty does not cover the slight differences between the pictures of the catalog, website or product sold
– Warranty does not include lighting, connections, cables and all electrical components


– All guarantees, whether expressed or implied, cover only normal household uses. The warranties do not cover any damage caused by misuse (such as scratches, breakage, and water damage), transportation, poor maintenance and improper cleaning work.
– The warranty is canceled in case of moving furniture from the first delivery place to another place
– SAI Solutions is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by poor storage and misuse of the product
– In any case, the liability of SAI Solutions does not exceed the value of repairing or replacing the product or the purchase price.
– SAI Solutions prohibit any sales representatives, distributors or retailers to make or promise any changes or modifications to this limited warranty.
– This guarantee is issued only to the original buyer (first buyer) and is not transferable under any circumstances.
– To activate the warranty service, the first buyer must contact SAI solutions directly.
– In case the customer violates any of the terms or instructions contained in this warranty mentioned above, SAI Solutions, Located in (Industrial Zone B3- 10th of Ramadan City – P.B. 450- II) is not accountable to the client.
– This guarantee is valid within the Arab Republic of Egypt